※All the brand concepts listed here are based on the time of their establishment.


JUN Co., Ltd launches
It all begins with a pair of red plaid swim trunks.
Unable to find anything to his liking, our CEO Tadashi Sasaki decided to design hot red plaid swim trunks that ultimately became a best-selling item and sold out in a day.

"JUNMEN" launches
The "JUNMEN" brand specializes in a preppy inspired men’s style. Through taking trendy materials and designs of the past and the present, we strive to create our signature look.


The RED SWEATER that changed Japan!
During a time when men’s fashion was still conservative, we establish “the RED SWEATER”  trend in Japan.


Collaborations with a variety of artists
Sponsors the theater “Tenjyou Sajiki” led by playwright Shuji Terayama.  Tadanori Yokoo and Akira Uno produce posters of the show. In the late 60’s,  Makoto Saito, Katsuhiko Hibino and other well known creators contribute and design our company posters.


"ROPÉ" brand launches
Our women’s line with “the Esprit of Paris” offers the concept of transforming men’s sleek style into women’s fashions. The brand name “ROPÉ” is named after St. Tropez, Cote d’Azur in South France.


"J&R" brand launches
The brand caters to sophisticated women seeking a Haute couture, modern elegance look. Our advertisement campaign, created by Philip Dickson and Tatjana Patitz, becomes a sensation.

"DOMON" brand launches
Produced by "ROPÉ", the brand provides women who seek a sophisticated masculine style with an edgy “Esprit of Paris” look.


Sensational Advertisement campaign
“A lady in a Rope tuxedo” taken by the legendary Richard Avedon becomes a sensation.  Helmute Newton, Serge Lutens, David Bailey and other world renowned creators and models contribute to our advertisement.

"Café de Ropé" opens
"Café de Ropé" opens in Harajuku, becoming a popular hangout for celebrities and creators. It’ introduces cafe au lait and Perrier and is one of Japan’s first outdoor cafes.

"LA FACETTE" brand Launches
A fashion oriented hair salon where  “hair style enhances and completes your entire look”.


"DISCO J&R" launches
Becomes a disco pioneer with the opening of Tokyo Ginza’s iconic J&R disco. Sponsors the popular TV show, “Soul Train”, which begins the JUN logo T-shirt trend.


"JUN CLASSIC COUNTRY CLUB" Opens in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture
Famed American golfer Gene Sarazen oversees the design of the golf course which is nestled in the beautiful Nasu foothills and attracts many golfers.


"FASHION BOARD" launches
Pioneers the art and fashion billboard business creating over 800 billboards throughout Japan.

"BASSET WALKER" brand launches
The brand introduces an outdoor inspired style with high quality design for urbanites.


"Centralpark" Cafe opens
Located in the culturally renowned Harajuku Apartments, the Centralpark Cafe attracts many people.

The First Golf Tournament begins
The course hosts the “Gene Sarazen Jun Classic” annually from 1977 until the death of Mr. Sarazen in 1999.


"Chateau Jun" opens
Our highly praised local winery  “Chateau Jun” opens in Katsunuma, Yamanashi prefecture and receives numerous awards.

"J-PLANET" launches
Enters the music industry with our creative team launching an FM radio station which features MTV.  J-Planet produces background music (BGM) along with media design.

SOHO style warehouse Studio Barricade hosts numerous fashion shows, art exhibitions etc.

STUDIO BARRICADE’s fashion show in Shibaura attracts significant attention by critics, creating several new trends.


F1 Sponsorship
Sponsors the Mazda‘s race team and designs their uniforms for the famed Le Man 24 race.


"CERCHIO" brand launches
“Simply Beautiful” brand embodies a sophisticated and refined look for working women. Albert & Carolyn Watson are engaged for our advertising campaign.

Studio "NAFA" launches
NAFA aerobics studio located at the Harajuku Central Apartments, pioneers the aerobics fitness trend in Japan.


"HISS MISS" brand launches
The brand offers women a cool trendy tomboyish look.

"LUNA MATTINO" brand launches
The brand becomes a sensation in the 80’s attracting many iconic stars.  The brand spawns a fashion trend in discos and clubs across Japan. We again engage the talent of famed creators Joe McKenna & Bruce Weber.


"JAYRO" brand launches
The brand embodies a sexy and fun style for young working women. Our beloved “JAYRO” logo bag becomes a huge hit.

"715" Bakery opens
We enter the bakery industry featuring delicious cinnamon rolls and a 7:15 AM opening time, creating long lines.

"SHOUSOUIN" bridal shop opens/dt>
A wide variety of bridal and party dresses (“parties allow women to shine”), including Jiro Nishimura’s original signature labels, with the theme.


"ROPÉ CLUB" launches
The sister golf course to "JUN CLASSIC COUNTRY CLUB" features outdoor natural hot springs and a Santa Fe style terrace restaurant.

"Adam et Ropé" brand launches
Focuses on sophisticated fashion with classical touch, offering original and speciality items from around the globe.

"pour la frime" launches
The brand offers an affordable trendy French style for young women.


Company merge with "A.P.C."
Establish “East by West” manufacturing and sales in Japan with French brand "A.P.C." and open first store in Daikanyama, Tokyo.


"gaminerie" brand launches
The brand’s design is inspired by French avant-garde unisex style.


"ViS" brand launches
The store carries our brands Gaminerie, Pou la Frime and others. ViS (screw in French) is indispensable in joining things together, which perfectly expresses ViS’s philosophy in item selection and store production.

"Yellow Boots" brand launches
The brand inspires a West coast image with sun, blue sky, ocean and a happy girl in a yellow boots, introducing a cute and sporty look for teens.


"bonjour records" launches
A boutique specializing in music, features a large collection of CDs and carefully selected art books for our own esthetic sensibility.  Its an eye opening cultural experience incorporating diverse new elements.


"ROPÉ PICNIC" brand launches
The brand embodies chic casual French look for women with a variety of specialty items.


"JAIRO WHITE" brand launches
The JAYRO elemental brand embodies “the girl next door “ pure, innocent style.


"Motion Element" brand launches
New business attire with the mottos, practical = the most innovative and practical design, and magical = the latest fun business attire for the next generation.


"Optitude" brand launches
Signature simple and modern look for working women who seek their own defined style.

Cafe "montoak" opens
Our legendary “cafe de Rope” is re-imagined with the opening of lounge cafe Montoak.


Tokyo Fashion Week “LyricisM”
The LyricisM brand hits the runway at Tokyo Fashion week.


"JUNRed" brand launches
JUNMEN’s second clothing line offers a cool edge to personalize your own style.

"Café de Ropé La mer" opens
The original Harajuku “Café de Ropé” opens as Cafe de Rope La mer in Hayama beach for 5 summers.


"Biotop" launches
Biotop combines a lifestyle shop with cafe in a park like setting providing a relaxing oasis in the middle of the city.

"JUN & ROPÉ" brand launches
The brand offers stylish women’s golf wear that is both functional on and off the golf course


"Reefur" brand launches
"MAISON DE REEFUR" is a fashion and lifestyle shop specializing in high quality items from around the globe under the supervision of renowned model Rinka.
The shop features 6 themed rooms to inspire comfortable living in two story building in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

"Adam et Ropé Le Magasin" shop launches
The tiny 16.5 square foot French kiosk style shop has a curated selection of unique gifts from around the globe.

"SATURDAY SURF NYC" in Japan launches
Establish Crosby East Company.
First Japanese branch of "SATURDAY SURF NYC" opens in Daikanyama, Tokyo.
*(Currently branded as "SATURDAYS NEW YORK CITY")

JUN Co., Ltd head office relocates to Minami Aoyama


"SALON adam et ropé" launches
The brand specializes in food, houseware, cosmetics, perfumes etc as a lifestyle concept store featuring the “Adam et ropé” brand.

"LE JUN" brand launches
The brand embodies a simple European taste: Usual, Work, Trip, Care, and Family.

"THE SURREY" brand launches
“The brides deserve to have a perfect dream wedding dress! “ SURREY carries a wide variety of wedding dresses and items for fashionista brides.

"MAISON KITSUNE" Japan first store opens
MAISON KITSUNE JAPAN CO.,LTD is established. The Aoyama, Tokyo store features fashion, music, design and a Japanese-themed cafe.

Acquired all of the shares of "SOPH.co.,ltd."
Embarks on future M&A expanding future businesses.

"J’aDoRe JUN ONLINE" shopping website starts
"J’aDoRe JUN ONLINE" business was launches.
“J’aDoRe “ means “I just love it!” in French. The website specializes in fashion, home goods, perfumes, music, magazines, food and wine etc.


"the POOL aoyama" concept store opens
The designer Hiroshi Fujiwara opens “The Pool Aoyama”, a Tokyo concept store set inside an empty swimming pool at 70’s vintage apartment in Aoyama, Tokyo.
We strive to promote updated Tokyo values to the world.


"NERGY" brand launches
"NERGY" is a brand partnering with Nike, specializing in fashion, lifestyle goods, beauty items and food for women with an active lifestyle featuring concept of fashion & sports fusion. The brand is active in supporting women's social advancement.


“YOU ARE CULTURE.” campaign announcement
“YOU ARE CULTURE.” campaign launches to encourage respecting culture and value.

"THE PARK・ING GINZA" concept store opens
Hiroshi Fujiwara’s second concept store “THE PARK・ING GINZA“ introduces his own unique fashion culture world in Ginza Sony Buildings by opening the legendary “Café de Ropé”.


"B.I.F BY NERGY" launches
"B.I.F by NERGY" studio offers our original Budo (Japanese martial art) inspired fitness in Harajuku. We believe the Budo discipline renews the soul and body.

"THE CONVENI" concept store opens
Hiroshi Fujiwara unveiled his 3rd concept store, “THE CONVENI”(Convenience store) featuring unique items in Ginza.