The Vision and The Slogan
YOU are the one who make the world interesting.

We expand the information to give possibilities in the field of people’s interest, which sometimes helps changing their behavior and actions. We hope consumers to recognize the importance of the culture they live in and being inquisitive in all times.



Our philosophy is based on continually seeking new ways to enrich society. We believe failure to enrich culture through products led to the fashion industry’s recession, which today resembles a caged bird.

We strongly believe the strength of “any economy depends on culture”.

Economies by themselves are like boats without sails and cannot be propelled without culture. Throughout history it has been proven that culture propels society and life enrichment. Culture is beyond philosophy, arts, music, movie and architecture. Its Latin definition means “to plow” and is related to traditions and manners, meaning cultural enrichment will reflect on the economy.

We highly value “passion”. A passion to satisfy our customer is more important than our own company’s success. We will continue to respect culture, traditions and history for generations to come and believe a rich, fulfilling life is based upon these values.

You make the world interesting

Jun has been a trendsetter in fashion, food, music, art and the sports industry since 1958.
In 1970, we opened the legendary “Cafe de Rope”, now named cafe Montoak, which became a popular hangout for celebrities and creators in Harajuku.
In the late 70’s, we launched the “Chateau Jun” winery in Yamanashi Prefecture, inspiring the wine trend in Japan.

Our entry into the sports business began with the opening of our first golf club, “Jun Classic Country Club” in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture. In the late 80’s, we became a pioneer in aerobics fitness, opening studio NAFA in Harajuku.

Our passion to support women’s social advancement through sports led to a partnership with NIKE in 2015 and introduced the NERGY brand. In 2018, we launched B.I.F BY NERGY, a Budo (Japanese martial arts) inspired fitness studio.

We constantly strive to be a cultural trendsetter by sharing our passion and excitement for new discovery with ever changing generations. Our goal is to make society and the world a better place through fashion and life enrichment with you!

Susumu Sasaki CEO
JUN Company. Ltd.